Kate Lenahan



e: katelenahan@mflasf.com t: (415) 543-8202 ext. 205

e: katelenahan@mflasf.com

t: (415) 543-8202 ext. 205

Kate is an intern with MFLA. She is currently pursuing a Master of Landscape Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, where she is investigating soil as a primary substrate of design. Her research focuses on environmental contamination and its intersections with communities, groundwater, and rising sea level in the Bay Area. As a member of Ground Up Journal, she received a 2016 ASLA Communications Honor Award, and leads the journal as an editor on its forthcoming issue.

Scientific rigor and creative research, rooted in experimentation, are central to her design philosophy. Kate received a Bachelor of Arts from Sarah Lawrence College, and began her career in socio-ecological design in the art museums and urban soil labs of New York City. With the Greenpoint Bioremediation Project, she participated in a community-based cleanup initiative tackling pollution in Newtown Creek, a Superfund site. As an intern with Margie Ruddick Landscape Architecture and the Dredge Research Collaborative, she has developed her interests in soil and sediment alongside formal design practice.

Kate has landed in California after North Carolina, Colorado, and New York. She spends her free time either in the kitchen or outside, exploring the trails and waterways of her favorite landscapes, and getting her hands dirty again.