Andres Quinche



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t: (415) 543-8202 ex. 209

Andres is a design intern at MFLA. He is currently completing a concurrent master’s degree in landscape architecture and urban planning at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He has interned for both the city planning office of Washington, D.C. and Surface Design Inc. While at Harvard, Andres was the recipient of the Doebele Community Service Fellowship, and continues to be the co-president of Queers in Design, and co-chair of the Dean’s Diversity Initiative. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in international relations and foreign policy, from The Ohio State University, where he graduated with honors. 

Prior to starting his graduate studies, Andres was an associate at 100 Resilient Cities (100 RC), pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation. While at 100 RC, he supported 12 Latin American cities in developing urban resilience strategies, focused on; transit development, water management, informal housing, and climate change. Andres, has also worked on infrastructure development and advocacy, with the boutique consulting firm, CG-LA Infrastructure. At CG-LA, he supported with the launch of multiple reports and policy pieces ranging on topics from public-private partnerships to value capture. 

Andres’ work in infrastructure development and urban resilience has helped him develop and understanding of how interconnected economics, social justice, gender, infrastructure, and the city are. He has an insatiable appetite to continue understanding "the city" and its ever-changing dynamics, and has continued to develop an affinity for the ways in which urban planning and landscape architecture overlap, in order to create more just, livable, and resilient urban milieus.