Alexandra Mei



 e:  t: (415) 543-8202 ext. 209


t: (415) 543-8202 ext. 209

Alexandra is a design associate at MFLA. She graduated with distinction from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design with a Masters in Landscape Architecture. She received her Bachelor of Design in Architecture from Washington University in St. Louis. While at the GSD, Alexandra served as co-chair for the school’s Women in Design organization, guiding projects that advocate and celebrate gender equity in the design professions.

Alexandra’s interests lie in the interpersonal experiences and material performances that are informed by our everyday interaction with the surrounding landscape. She has received multiple honors including the Landscape Architecture Foundation’s University Olmsted Scholar Nomination, and the GSD Thesis Award in Landscape Architecture for her thesis on the property boundaries that follow sea level rise in coastal communities. She was also awarded the 2017 Charles Eliot Traveling Fellowship from the GSD, among the highest honors from the department of landscape architecture, for her proposal to study patterns of material decay in the landscape around the United States.

Trained in ballet and contemporary dance since she was three years old, Alexandra believes in the subtle yet powerful presence of art in our surroundings, and continues to draw from her dance background in her work. Originally from the Bay Area, Alexandra is at home in California’s diverse landscape and has traveled extensively through Western Europe and Asia. She enjoys spending most of her time outdoors, often going for hikes and picnics to explore her surroundings.