MFLA [Munden Fry Landscape Associates] is a San Francisco and Sweden based urban design and landscape architecture Studio established in 1990. Recognized as a “design studio” MFLA is structured in an atelier fashion in which collaboration and design team interface is critical to the success of our projects. MFLA approaches each project regardless of scale with a site-specific response. Believing that the landscape is one of the most potent and lasting forms of cultural expression, Marta leads the Studio in the exploration of these intersections and complex relationships between environmental, social, and cultural systems. The Studio’s objective is to reveal and express these dynamic relationships in forms and compositions that enable vital understandings and re-connections to place. 

The Studio’s commissions comprise a diverse portfolio from land-use and master planning, community engagement, cultural landscapes, parks and streetscapes, re-development and re-imaging of properties, product branding and prototypes, residential estates, multi-use commercial and residential developments, agricultural properties, resort and hospitality, campuses and civic and cultural landscapes.


Vital, sustainable, enduring, and compelling work and living environments are the result of creating places that resonate with their context, that create value through memorable experiences, and that establish an unmistakable level of quality and authenticity. MFLA believes in capturing a site’s genius loci by understanding its history, culturally and physically, which is reflected in the framework and structure of a project.

MFLA's design response interweaves both the expected and the unexpected of a landscape, aspiring to achieve a sense of timelessness in every project. MFLA incorporates the latest innovations in materials and execution, creating classic yet minimalist designs. Underlying all of our projects is the interest and exploration of the dynamic between the site-landscape and architecture.


Our design approach is to expose and reveal the multiple physical, social, cultural, and technical strata intersecting a project site. Fundamental to this is the exploration of the dynamic between art and science. MFLA's core planning and design principles are developed for each project regardless of scale, program, or scope.  


Informing the Studio's design, Marta Fry has identified elements that inspire her and form the foundation of her creativity and spirit. 


Born and raised in this place of inherent beauty and grace, the vastness and subtle sensuality of the landscape are the underpinnings of her design, creating the ethos of authenticity and site specificity to our work.


Trained in textile design, eight harness loom weaving, and the more obscure, Peruvian gauze weaving, Marta approaches each composition in a layered manner very much like a sculptural warp and weft.


A fascination with the synthesis of form and function and with objects that present themselves clearly and mostly unfiltered. 


Ephemeral, episodic, capturing and encapsulating seasons and the passage of time, a backdrop to nature's phenomena, a canvas for experimentation.


As a traveler, Marta's insertion into another culture, language, lifestyles, visually asserts and invigorates all her senses and brings inspiration to new design development.


Her fascination and experience with French and Italian landscapes play dominantly in the layered and structured landscape she develops with garden "rooms" in which overhead canopy, vertical separation, and ground plane intersect.